Our Builds

Create the perfect firearm for you with our custom Builds! Whether you’re looking for a hunting rifle, competition rifle, or an everyday carry pistol, we’ve got you covered. From our own actions to long range handguns, & muzzle brakes, you can find the perfect combination of components to get the job done. Get inspired with our collection of top-of-the-line firearms today!

We hope that you’ll find some inspiration for a future build here. This is a collection of some of the firearms that we’ve put together from the ground up, including our own actions, muzzle brakes, and hand guns.

Get the confidence boost you need for any shooting sport with a custom-built rifle from custom Builds! Our expert gunsmiths use only the highest quality components ensuring your rifle is precise and reliable. Whether you’re hunting wild game or competing in benchrest competitions, you can trust our custom Builds to provide the perfect shooting solution. With our attention to every detail, you’ll be sure to hit your target with ease.