NWP Short Muzzle Brake (All Calibers)


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Brand: Northwest Precision
Manufactured: Gillette, WY (On Site)

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Northwest Precision Muzzle Brakes proudly made by Mac’s Gunworks in Gillette Wyoming USA

These NWP Muzzle Brakes are designed by certified master gunsmith Chuck McIntosh. These are the very same muzzle brakes Chuck uses when building his long range tactical rifles and pistols. Check out the gallery of customer gun builds using these muzzle brakes, we are Mac’s Gunworks in Gillette Wyoming.

We finish these NWP brakes as they are ordered. The NWP brakes are threaded, crowned, bored to your caliber.

See below how to order your custom brake!

FAQ: Our NWP Short Muzzle Brakes must be indexed to your barrel. These high performance NWP brakes have muzzle jump reduction ports at 12 o’clock, and recoil reduction ports at 6&9 o’clock. Our NWP brakes have no ports on the bottom side. (bottom ports kick up dust and negate muzzle jump reduction ports.)

FAQ: Our NWP Muzzle Brakes can be indexed without washers or shims by you or your gunsmith if you have a lathe. This involves facing off slight amounts until the brake tightens up at the right index. This is how we install them here at Mac’s Gunworks every day.

FAQ: Our NWP Muzzle Brake can be indexed with washers or shims and there is a huge variety of styles and materials to choose from on eBay -which is where we buy them when needed.

FAQ: Our NWP Muzzle Brakes come in several finishes. The default finish is “Machine Finish” which means its looks like it just came off the lathe. We also have “Polished Finish” which is belt sanded while in the lathe to add some shine to it. We will also media blast the brake for a non-shiny finish. Please see listing photo’s for example of both finishes side by side.

If ordered from our website, we also Cerakote please expect two more days delivery time.

Very important: Please let us know when ordering, the caliber, muzzle brake outer diameter, mounting thread.

For example: 300 win mag x .950 OD x 5/8-24

All NWP Muzzle Brakes are made from certified 416R stainless steel

1.66″ Long

5/8-24 Muzzle brakes come in outer diameters: .700, .850, .950, 1.00, & 1.25 (inch)

1/2-28 Muzzle brakes come in outer diameters: .700, .850, .950, 1.00, & 1.25 (inch)

Other threads sizes avalible just ask!

NWP Muzzle Brakes come bored and crowned to the buyers requested caliber (or ready for your gunsmith to do so)

1/2×28 thread is recommended only up to .308 caliber.

A minimum muzzle diameter of 0.690″ is needed for 5/8x24tpi if you are going to have a gunsmith add threads to your barrel.

A minimum muzzle diameter of 0.600″ is needed for 1/2-28tpi if you are going to have a gunsmith add threads to your barrel.

Don’t know what specs you need? Feel free to shoot us an email and we’d be happy to assist.

Please note: For the safety of yourself and those around you please have your brake installed by an experienced gunsmith.

Thanks everyone and happy shooting!!

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Machine Finish, Cerakote, Polished, Media Blasted


5.56mm, 6mm, 6.5mm, .270, 7mm, .308, 7.62, .338, 9mm, .40, .45, .50, Other


1/2 -28tpi, 5/28"-24tpi


.700", .850", .950", 1", 1.25


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